Articles and Interviews




Kirsten has published articles in several magazines and newspapers on a variety of subjects including the White Paper on Sustainable Coastal Management, the transportation of dangerous goods and prepared her final year LLB thesis on Strict Liability, Water Pollution and the Constitution. Her papers prepared in the course of her Environmental Masters included a paper on ground water pollution and the legislation pertaining thereto as well as integrated environmental management.

She presented a paper on Justiciability of Sustainable Development, with specific reference to the National Environmental Management Act at the International Association of Impact Assessments conference in October 2001. Kirsten has presented papers in 2003 at IIR conferences in Johannesburg on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods and on the proposed Waste Management Bill and the White Paper on Integrated Waste Management.

Kirsten wrote her Masters dissertation on Animal Rights: A Moral and Legal Discussion on the Standing of Animals in South African Law.

Kirsten presented two papers for presentation at the Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice to be held in Howick in October 2016 headed:

A Legal Discussion On The Illegal Trade Of Wildlife And Proposed Legislative Changes That Are Needed To Prevent The Criminal Decimation Of Our Species.


Environmental Justice in South Africa – a Legal Discussion with Specific Reference to the Fuleni Case in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.